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Established since 1980, the Peredur Centre is a private arts college offering arts-based courses including eurythmy, speech, drama and movement.

Our building originates from 1916 and at one point was used as a rehabilitation centre by burns pioneer Sir Archibald McIndoe, now used as a student hostel. The main school building dates from 1965 and was designed by a Danish architect. The building sits in pleasant surroundings with easy access to East Grinstead and the countryside.


Table hurst farm

Tablehurst Biodynamic Farm grows, produces and sells food that is certified Biodynamic and Organic by the Biodynamic Association 

Come and experience a working Organic and Biodynamic farm. See our animals in the barns and fields, relax in our Cafe Garden with playground, taste fresh coffee, cakes and pies, enjoy seasonal events, beautiful walks over the farm and gardens and buy your groceries, fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, bread, biodynamic wine and dairy in our farm shop.


Rudolf Steiner House London

Rudolf Steiner House is a hub for contemporary culture in the heart of London offering a programme of anthroposophically and spiritually oriented events in a unique and stunning architectural environment. In addition, we offer theatre and venue hire with an acclaimed in-house catering service.


Nutley Hall Camphill

Nutley Hall is an independent adult residential care community for people with learning disabilities, offering a homely, social setting and specialising in a broad range of supported activities.



At Forest Row School of Ceramics, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, and offer a wide range of classes for all students. Whether you’re a professional looking for new inspiration, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, Forest Row School of Ceramics is here to welcome you into the fold.



The fluidity of the movement helps to both strengthen and soften us and brings flexibility and creative expression. We awaken to the forming power of language and music and bring these to life through gesture. The art of Eurythmy was created by Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925), philosopher, educator, playwright, social thinker and founder of Anthroposophy.


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Plawhatch farm

Plaw Hatch Farm is a 200 acre farm on the edge of the Ashdown Forest near Sharpthorne. It has been a biodynamic farm for over 30 years and is owned by a charitable trust. As tenant farmers our aim is to provide as wide a range of produce as possible, principally to the local community. Our prices reflect the true cost of food production allowing for re-investment towards the sustainability of the farm. We are a mixed farm with a dairy herd providing raw milk, cheeses, yoghurts and cream. We also keep some sheep, pigs and laying hens. A garden of 12 acres provides a range of seasonally available fruit and vegetables. All this plus a lot more organic produce is available through our farm shop.



Tobias School of Art & Therapy is an independent charity offering courses in Arts for Health and Wellbeing and Arts in Therapy. Established in 1979 we have a long history of teaching excellence in providing professional trainings.


Tonalis Music

Just as significantly, new vocational pathways have opened up - such as community musicing and music therapy.  
Consequently, the old maps of music (e.g. Western Music Theory) no longer fully help us find our way through today's musical diversity. Tonalis is therefore dedicated to bringing to attention all the exciting discoveries that have amended the map of music during the last 50 years.


Brambletye fruit farm

We are five young farmers who run a large, professional and beautiful biodynamic fruitfarm. We produce biodynamic fruit. Including various varieties of apples and pears as well as soft fruits (blackberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, blueberries and raspberries), juices, preserves, eggs, seasonal vegetables and mushrooms.


Emerson college

Courses at Emerson encompass land-based studies, therapeutic education and the arts, set within a rich learning environment.  Emerson’s international community of students, staff and initiatives work collaboratively to discover truly human approaches that address global questions.


Pericles Camphill comunity

Pericles is a pioneering and original training-and-work project for young people and adults with special learning needs and/or mental health problems.

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Asha Centre 

The ASHA Centre delivers transformative, holistic education designed to bring about lasting inner, social and environmental change. We provide residential training courses and volunteering placements to young adults from around the world. The ASHA Centre is also available for hire to outside groups.


Sacred ArT of Geometry

Like a geometric pattern unfolding in space and time - from point, line and plane through sub-grid to completed pattern, so too have the lines and lives of artists and educators Kira Orsak and Daniel Docherty crossed and interwoven to form the pattern that is SacredArtofGeometry (SAOG Studios). A shared love of Wendell Berry and working with alternative and healing agricultural practices (a further layer of the pattern revealed when SacredArtofGeometry was offered a home at Tablehurst Farm); a love of the Perennial Philosophy; Wonderment; the Temenos Academy and the 'Ten Basic Principles' that inspire its work; an unease with the status quo and a realization that beauty, quite literally, is in the eye of the beholder: