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yulia geydeko 

Founder / Program Facilitator

Yulia grew up in St.Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from a Waldorf School and then did her BA in Acting at the State University. She then came to England and did a full time Speech and Drama training at Artemis School, Peredur Centre. She obtained BA in Performing Arts from Trinity College, London and a Goetheanum (Switzerland) Diploma in Creative Speech. She is now completing her MA in theatre directing.

Yulia teaches Speech and Drama to children, professional actors, amateur groups and people with special needs in the UK, Russia, China and Europe applying mainstream techniques and Anthroposophical ideas.

Together with Liva she run a Gap Year Program for young adults from China and now starting this new course at Peredur.



C0 - Founder / Program Facilitator

Liva is from Latvia. She graduated from Adazi Free Waldorf school and later got her BA from University of Latvia, Asian studies, Chinese Culture and Language course.

For the past 9 years she has been living in between China and Europe, leading different Waldorf projects for kids, youth and young adults from all around the world. She has been involved with big Summer Camp organisation in Latvia and China as well as Gap Year program for Chinese young adults. 

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MA Eurythmy Performing Arts, Alanus University, D-Alfter/Bonn 2016 studied Eurythmy with Elena Zuccoli in Dornach. Following her training she performed extensively with The London Stage Group, The Hamburg Stage Group, Eurythmy Terpsichore and the Foundation Stone Research Group and other artistic initiatives.  She has many years experience teaching adults and children and has been co-carrying Peredur Eurythmy for several years.  She recently completed her MA in Eurythmy at the Alanus University in Germany.


michael mullan 

Michael Mullan Born 08.12.1951, Belmullet ,Ireland.• 1980 -1981   Study year at Rudolf Steiner Seminar for curative education; Dornach, Switzerland:  Diploma as teacher in Curative Education.• 1982-2001 Class teacher at Karl Schubert School, Vienna• 2001- 201Responsible for residence of past pupils of the Karl Schubert School at the village community Dorfgemeinschaft Breitenfurt.• 1983-2001 Vice chairman and Board director of the Karl Schubert School Vienna• 2001 -2015 Board director and Chairman of the company Dorfgemeinschaft Breitenfurt.• 2002- 2007 Study of Philosophy at Vienna University,BA.• 1995 -2014 Representative for Austria in the ECCE (European Co-operation for Curative Education and Social Therapy) since 2006 Board Member.• 1995 -2015 Continuous annual participation at the Training conference in Kassel and collaboration on the Training Handbook for Anthroposophical training centres.• 2014-2018 . Curative educational teaching program in China (Beijing, Qingdao and Shenzhen).• 2017-2018. Curative educational teaching program inRwanda.


Duncan MaCKintosh

For over 25 years Duncan has been exploring and leading workshops on a universally accessible spirituality through direct experience of the mystery of ‘Presence’. As well as training in the art of speech in the tradition of Rudolf Steiner, and performing and teaching for many years, he has learned from some of the most cutting edge spiritual teachers of our time, and draws inspiration from the core non-dual teachings of many traditions. He has toured extensively as storyteller, actor, and performer of Rumi, and currently teaches at Artemis School of the Living Word. He also facilitates individual sessions, and runs workshops, on the theme of Presence as a transformational and awakening process. The passion underlying his life and work is for the emerging mystery that we truly are, which is love, to awaken in and as us. 


Ryan Kouroukis

Originally from Calgary, Canada.  He studied at The Canadian Academy of Method Acting in Toronto, and in 2012 arrived in the UK to study storytelling, poetic recitation and the Michael Chekhov acting technique at Artemis School of Speech and Drama and at PerformInternational's inaugural course - both in West Sussex, England.  He has been continuously involved in independent theatre since then.  

His UK stage debut was as Johannes Thomasius in the Stroud production of Rudolf Steiner's four and a half hour Third Mystery Drama 'The Guardian of the Threshold' in 2015, which toured southern England.  In 2016 he toured a number of Shakespeare roles for Shakespeare's 400th anniversary. In 2016 Ryan developed an all ancient Greek program as a one man show using original ancient sources. 'Man and the Muses'toured in early 2017 for three months across England, including Scotland and Ireland.  In 2017, he was invited by Michael Burton to New Zealand to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the idea of The Threefold Social Order by working on a newly written play about Rudolf Steiner during World War One.  This was the first time Rudolf Steiner appeared as a character in a play.  'This War Is Not Inevitable', toured in seven countries across a seven month period.

Currently he is working on Steiner's 4th Mystery Drama in Stroud, Gloucestershire. When not engaged in artisticactivities, Ryan is involved in the study of Philosophy, Literature and Classical Music.



Sarah Kane was born in London, and after working in Waldorf education for 10 years, completed a training in Creative Speech in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, graduating in 1989.

Sarah then trained in Michael Chekhov’s acting techniques, with some of the past students of Michael Chekhov.

Sarah has been teaching (Acting and Creative Speech) and directing professionally both in the UK (School of the Science of Acting, London, Cygnet, Exeter, Artemis School of Speech, East Grinstead, University of Birmingham, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London Centre for Theatre Studies, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, etc.) and globally (USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, etc.) since then. She has also performed as both actor and speaker for The Rose Theatre, Portal Productions, The Eurythmeum, London Eurythmy and other performing ensembles.

She now aims to continue her training activities closer to home, in the South East of England, and base a new part-time training in the performing arts at Peredur Centre, East Grinstead, from 2018.




Paul Matthews

Poet, teacher and gymnast has taught for many years at Emerson College. He is renowned for helping poets and writers, even the most anxious, to work with and develop their creative voice. His inspiring books, Sing Me the Creation, and Words in Place (both from Hawthorn Press) contain numerous exercises to nurture the creative process and bring language alive between people. The Ground that Love Seeks and Slippery Characters (Five Seasons Press) are gatherings of his poetry.


Sibylle Eichstaedt

Sibylle Eichstaedt

Sibylle Eichstaedt, M.A., was born in Germany and has lived in Great Britain for almost 30 years. Having studied English and German language and literature in academia, she was relieved to find out that one of the many fruits of anthroposophy were the art and therapeutic art of the living, spoken word! As a result of this life-changing discovery, she trained in Creative Speech in Germany and England, and graduated from the Speech School (later called Artemis) at Peredur Centre for the Arts in 1989. She has worked as a speech artist and anthroposophic therapeutic speech practitioner for many years, currently mostly in Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Teacher Trainings and in private practice. She is also the editor of the quarterly Newsletter of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.



Steve Briault

Steve is Director of Development at Emerson College where he also coordinates the Living and Learning Community. He is an organisation consultant with 25 years experience. He taught at the Centre for Social Development at Emerson College in the 1980s and has been teaching since then.


Ashley Ramsden

 He established the School of Storytelling in 1994 under the umbrella of Emerson College. He co-founded the International School of Storytelling in 2011.

Ashley's unique methods of teaching voice and the skills of the storyteller have received international acclaim. He runs workshops, tours with his one-man-shows including A Christmas Carol, The Amazing Adventures of the Hodja Nasrud’din, and Tistou of the Green Thumbs amongst others and is a speaker of sacred poetry. He has been touring recently with wife Flora, focussing on T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets and is back from a period of refreshment with a host of workshops and new ideas.



Michael developed mask, mime and voice through an eclectic international education in England, Bali and Italy. He has taught and directed physical theatre, mime and mask at drama colleges and universities for over 30 years. He established The Mask Studio in the mid 90’s to develop masks for training, education, performance and therapy which are used internationally by theatres and theatre companies including the RSC, at the National Theatre, by LAMDA, Trestle theatre, Welch National Opera and Told by an Idiot. He was the Artistic Director of the Glasshouse Art Centre for 15 years; where he also developed the application of masks in Hero’s Journey a therapeutic programme for young adults with complex needs. 

Michael works as a psychodrama psychotherapist in a medium secure Democratic Therapeutic Community prison with violent offenders, using masks and psychodrama. He holds a master’s degree in educational research and runs mask making and using workshops internationally.


Stein Leeds

Stein was trained in biodynamic farming at the warmonderhof college in Holland. His passion is fruit growing although fishing comes in pretty close to that. Stein began growing fruit renting a field at a long established biodynamic farm down the road called tablehurst farm, after a few successful years he managed to buy his own fields and from that moment brambletye fruit farm was born. Over the years other trained farmers have come to join stein and bring along there own skills and knowledge to create the brambletye fruit farm as it is today.



Gregers Brinch has a rich background in music as a composer, performer, teacher and workshop leader. 

Gregers has always maintained that the pursuit of music is a birthright of every individual. This has led him to work with a wide range of abilities. He has worked in adult education for over 20 years both at Emerson College, where he was head of music from 1996 to 2001, and in Hamburg at the Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar. His work with singing and percussion instruments as a means to penetrate the deeper secrets of music is particularly outstanding. Balancing the rigorous demands of pieces with the joy of working in the enlivening and regenerative elements of music is always foremost in his intentions.

He has also composed for a number of performance projects, starting in 1983, when he devised music for theatre productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His compositions have also been recorded by Claudio Records and Parma Records and performed at a wide variety of venues, including at London’s Wigmore Hall, with international musicians.  



Glenys Waters

Born and raised in England. After persuing several spiritual paths, and 'back-to-nature" in Ireland she brought up three sons. She did her Eurythmy training in London and Peredur with Marguritte Lundgren between 1980 to 1984. She has been teaching eurythmy for adults in the many courses at Emerson College for 23 years, also creating many performance projects with students, and an intensive eurythmy course. She has performed extensively with The London Stage Group, Eurythmy Terpsichore and is the founder of the Foundation Stone Research Group. She has been co-carrying Peredur Eurythmy for several years.


Adrian Locher

Adrian is an actor, voice coach and director of many years' experience. He studied the History of Ideas at Sussex University where he earned a first class degree, before training at The London School of Speech and Drama. He was one of the co-founders of the award-winning Stroud-based Taurus Voice Theatre Company and is now co-director of The Gloucester Theatre Company. He has a diploma in Conflict Resolution from the NAOS Institute. As the Artistic Director of the ASHA Centre, he has run numerous drama-based programmes with young people from all over the world.


Margli Matthews

Biographical counsellor, trainer and supervisor with over 30 years experience in private practice and adult education. A former faculty member of Emerson College and the Centre for Social Development she co-founded of the Biography and Social Development Trust and directed and designed the Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling for 21 years. 

Margli offers courses and workshops on aspects of biography and biographical counselling in a variety of contexts and countries.  She is a contributor to the book Lifeways and co-author of Ariadne’s Awakening, a book concerned with a new consciousness of the feminine and masculine principles in our lives.



Vija Docherty

Vija Docherty is an an artist, illustrator and educational consultant. She has more than 22 years experience in various roles in Waldorf education including kindergarten, class teaching and co-principal roles. Vija also works part-time at Tablehurst Biodynamic Farm, co-teaches on various SacredArtofGeometry courses at SAOG Studios and abroad. She lives and loves with her three children and husband in an idyllic setting on the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, UK.




Paula Maria Blaxland de Lange

Paulamaria is director and co-founder of Pericles, an organisation working with and for adults with special needs. She represents the Association of Curative Education and Social Therapy worldwide and in Europe in STAG Sozial-Therapeutische Arbeitsgruppe of the Konferenz in Dornach and on ECCE European Co-operation in Curative Education and Social Therapy. Her training and background are in the Theatre Disciplines, in Waldorf Kindergartens and Social Therapy and in the Arts and Crafts. She lives with her husband and their youngest daughter of five in Hoathly Hill Community, Sussex. 

Simon Blaxland de Lange - Anthroposophy subjects  

Richard Ramsbotham- British Cultutural , Historical, Political themes in the light of Anthroposophy 


Daniel Docherty

Daniel received his MA in Sacred and Traditional Arts in 2004 under the guidance of Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant (Prince's School of Traditional Arts - London) . He has subsequently undertaken extensive research into how the arts/sciences of the ancient quadrivium (Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology) inform and underpin the world's manifold cultural traditions. Daniel's teaching practice is based at SAOG Studios, Emerson College (an educational initiative that he co-founded with Kira Orsak in 2015); he also regularly leads courses and lectures internationally.



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Alex Wright

Has an MA in Law from Oxford University, has lived in Australia and travelled widely in Asia, is a qualified Steiner Waldorf Class teacher, a graduate of the 3 year Emerson Visual Arts Course. Recently Alex has set up and run the Spirit in Action Programme at Rudolf Steiner House, London, introducing young people to Anthroposophy.


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