The Peredur Foundation Year program is an educational course based on the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy (the wisdom of becoming human). This path of discovery, self-transformation and practical activity leads toward professions that renew culture and heal the earth. Through self-exploration, personal growth and professional development.

Each of us bears three essential questions in her/his heart:

  1. “Who am I?”

  2. “What is my relationship with other human beings and with the world?”

  3. “What is my mission here on the Earth ?”

The Foundation Program  provides insights, tools and pathways of inner and outer work through which each individual can creatively find her/his own answers.

By working with the whole human being – head, heart, and hands/limbs – one can find meaningful answers to these questions. 

Working within the community of the classroom, the participants are given the opportunity to gain greater certainty in knowing the world, experience new perceptions and insights, awaken sensitivity in social relationships, develop new capacities to apply in professional development, and become more clearly aligned with their lives.

A portal into many professions, the anthroposophical studies may serve as the foundation for entry into Waldorf Teacher Training, at other institutions . Students may also prepare for further studies in Biodynamic agriculture-and horticulture; beekeeping;  medicine; the social sciences; the arts of eurythmy, drama, speech, painting, sculpture, music, and architecture, and many other professions. 

This is also an English course and you will be working on grammar, pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary with the professional English Teachers. 

Visiting Meuseums, Theatres, Exhibitions, Seminars, Conserts, Lectures, Landmarks - will open a doorway to meeting the English Culture.

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Biodynamic Farming

Social Work

Camphill Communities



Sacred Geometry


Pigment Making and Drawing



Bothmer Gymnastics






Masks and Puppetry

Gestures and Movements


Therapeutical speech



Folk dancing


Anthroposophical Studies

Creative Writing


History and Literature

Biography Work

Waldorf Education


Individual Presentations

English (grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking), Bothmer Gymnastic, Eurythmy, Creative Writing, Biograpichal Counceling, History, Litrature, Anthroposophy - would be run throughout the whole program. 

Preparing and celebrating festivals throughout a year would be part of the journey together.

The course will be led by a team of more than twenty professional teachers who are experts in their fields. The team has been carefully selected and warmly invited to join this program and pass on the wisdom, knowledge and experience.



Students will be prepared to undertake two state recognised exams at the end of the year together with the final individual presentations:

  • Cambridge First Certificate (CERF LevelB2)

  • ATCL in Communication Skills at Trinity College London. ( Level 4 in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) or the first year of degree-level study.)

  • Peredur Diploma in Foundations in Anthroposophy

  • A Certificate for each completed subject



Monday - MOON 

  • Morning circle 

  • Art painting drawing 

  • English / Literature

  • Art pottery, craft, sculpture

Tuesday - MARS

  • Bothmer gymnastic

  • Speech

  • Creative writing

  • Drama

Wednesday - MERCURY

  • Singing, music

  • Social work / Camphill

  • English / History

  • Social work- biography, people relationship, karma

Thursday - JUPITER

  • Eurythmy

  • Waldorf education

  • English / Literature

  • Anthroposophical studies through different applications, Mystery drama

Friday - VENUS

  • Farm, nature Outing, all day

  • Evening circle review of the week 


Peredur Centre is located in the beautiful English countryside, surrounded by deep green forests, fields with sheep and cows, clean air and friendly neighbors and is on a "0" meridian line. Just a few miles away from Ashdown Forest (the birth place of Winnie-the-Pooh) and Forest Row Village (Emerson College, Michael Hall School, Farms, Shops and Cafes). 

The town of East Grinstead is within the walking distance. There you will find a historic high street (16th century), cafes, shops, cinemas, bookshops etc. 

Train to the Centre of London takes only one hour.

Gatwick Airport is 20 minutes drive away and the South Coast is within an hour.

The area is home to many anthroposophical initiatives: Michael Hall School, Emerson College, Camphill communities, bio-dynamic farms and various other centres. 

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Students will be living in the 1916 manner house, now a students hostel. Single rooms with shared bathroom, kitchen, living space and a beautiful garden.

Fresh Local Biodynamic and Organic food will be provided for Breakfasts and Lunches during program time.

The importance of social living will be taken care of by Friday evening circle, checking in,  community meals, individual counseling.

Professional teachers would be invited to give lectures and support the practical work, designing the appropriate study material and giving the students a wide perspective on the subjects.




Application: £100

Deposit: £300

Course: £2850 / term  

  • Full time course (3 terms, 1o months, 35 weeks, mon-fri, 9-18)

  • Teaching, facilitating

  • English language classes, exam preperation

  • Trips to theatres, museums, lectures, seminars (once or twice a month)

  • Materials

Accommodation and breakfast: £1200 / term (3 terms, 1o months, 35 weeks, mon-fri, 9-18)

  • Single room in a student hostel throughout the whole program

  • Breakfast

  • Coffee breaks 


  • Visa support and fees

  • Flight tickets

  • Exam fees

  • Insurance

  • Lunch

  • Dinners 

  • Food and activities on the weekends, Christmas and Easter Holliday’s 


15th of May, 2019

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 10%: Apply before 15th of March, 2019