If you are interested in the course please first of all fill in the form below.


After that we will get back to you with the full Application pack which will consist of:

  1. Your CV, detailing educational and professional development as well as personal interests

  2. Two passport sized photos,

  3. The completed registration form and an application letter.

  4. The application process continues with a personal conversation between the prospective student and a member of staff responsible for this course.

  5. Two Recommendation letters

  6. Health certificate issued by your doctor.

  7. Application fee £100


Closing day for the applications is 15th of May.

Early bird 10% discount: Apply before 15th of March.

Shortly after the closing date you will be informed if you are successfully accepted for the course.


Successful Applicants will then be able to apply for a UK visa. A unique CAS number will be provided to apply for a TIER 4 visa after paying the full course fees.

Requirements for the Visa:

Visa support is NOT included in the fees. 


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Application: £100

Deposit: £300

Course: £2850 / term  

  • Full time course (3 terms, 1o months, 35 weeks, mon-fri, 9-18)

  • Teaching, facilitating

  • English language classes, exam preparation

  • Trips to theatres, museums, lectures, seminars (once or twice a month)

  • Materials

Accommodation and breakfast: £1200 / term (3 terms, 1o months, 35 weeks, mon-fri, 9-18)

  • Single room in a student hostel throughout the whole program

  • Breakfast

  • Coffee breaks


  • Visa support and fees

  • Flight tickets

  • Exam fees

  • Insurance

  • Lunch

  • Dinners 

  • Food and activities on the weekends, Christmas and Easter Holliday’s 


15th of May, 2019

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 10%: Apply before 15th of March, 2019

* Students need to ensure before the beginning of their studies that they have sufficient funding to pay for their study fees as well as for the living expenses for the duration of their stay in the UK.

  • Following the conclusion of the study agreement, students are charged an admission fee of £100 as well as a deposit of £300, towards the tuition fee. If a student decides not to attend the entire amount will be retained to cover the administrative expenses of the School.

  • The study programs are not suitable for applicants who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances.

  • Prospective students must have a good command of spoken and written English. The minimum age is 18.

  • There is a three-week probationary period at the beginning of the lecture period, both for the School and the Students.

  • Information on obtaining the visa TIER 4 can be found here, further assistance will be made: