"That into this our work may flow,

That, which, from out of Spiritual Worlds,

Working in Soul and Spirit,

Life and Body,

Strives to become the human being within us.”

— Rudolf Steiner


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The Foundation Year program is an educational course based in the United Kingdom for young adults from around the world. We offer a one year full time preparatory course for international students before they take a University Degree or as a re-focusing at post degree level.


Students will be divided:

  • English as the second language group: You will be studying English language, working on the grammar, pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary with the native English tutors, preparing for the exams and integrating into the British society and culture. 

  • Fluent English language group: You will be studying English Literature and the History of Art. Your own biography.


The course is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy (the wisdom of becoming human). This path of discovery, self-transformation and practical activity leads toward professions that renew culture and heal the earth. 

The first Mystery drama “The Portal of Initiation” will be a guiding star on this course. We will be working with text, characters, images, speeches, ideas through Inspiration, Imagination and Intuition.

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The Peredur Centre is located In the beautiful English countryside, just under one hour to Central London and one hour to the South Coast. Ashdown Forest, East Grinstead, Forest Row, Emerson college- are all within a short distance.

The course is led by a team of more than twenty professional teachers who are experts in their fields. The team has been carefully selected and warmly invited to join this program for their expertise, knowledge and experience.


Visiting Meuseums, Theatres, Exhibitions, Seminars, Concerts, Lectures, Cathedrals, Towns and Cities will be part of the program and of the educational process . 

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Students will be living in the 1916 manor house. Single rooms, shared bathrooms, kitchen, living room and a beautiful garden will accomadate the students. 

Fresh Local Biodynamic and Organic food will be provided for Breakfasts and snacks.


The Course is run by "Peredur Eurythmy", Charity no. 288188

September 2019 - June 2020

Introduction | Biodynamic Farming | Social Work | Camphill Communities | Sculpture | Pottery | Sacred Geometry | Modeling | Pigment Making and Drawing | Crafts | Woodwork | Bothmer Gymnastics

Eurythmy | Speech | Drama | Storytelling | Masks and Puppetry | Gestures and Movements | Psychodrama | Therapeutical speech | Painting | Singing | Folk dancing

Anthroposophical Studies | Creative Writing | Goetheanism | History and Literature | Biography Work | Waldorf Education | Exams | Individual Presentations